A portrait of Gérard LARGUIER

Born in 1938, Gérard LARGUIER became a student of the renowned affichiste Paul COLIN in 1956 before being accepted by the prestigious JULIAN Academy in 1960.

Since 1979, Larguier has been living at the BATEAU LAVOIR in Paris – a historic mecca of the arts of which he was president from 1981 to 1984. Larguier owns a second atelier in a former presbytery at the border between the Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne regions.

In France, the National Fund of Contemporary Art, the National Library, the National Assembly, the Museum of Sports – as well as many other museums and public or private collections in France and abroad – already own several of his art works.

His first solo exhibition took place at the Madeleine Gallery in Brussels, Belgium, in 1963. From 1965 to 1975 he exhibited his paintings across Europe. Some of the main shows took place in PARIS (Pont Neuf Gallery, Raymonde Cazenave Gallery and Art/Contacts Gallery), LYONS (Gallery 3), BOURGES (House of Culture) and BOURG-EN-BRESSE (Cimaise Gallery). Not to mention the VASCOEUIL CASTLE, GENEVA (Exclamation Gallery), BASEL (Art'4) and HEIDELBERG (Griesebach Gallery).

In 1972 Larguier conceived the model for the Nice’s opera program, which was commemorating the 80th birthday of Darius MILHAUD. That same year, Larguier illustrated the book of L. LEWIN, PHANTASTICA and created the poster of the set designer Jacques POLIERI for the Munich Olympic Games.

In 1976, Larguier was awarded the Nichido Award and his paintings were displayed in TOKYO and OSAKA. Still in 1976 – as well as in the following year – the magazine GALERIE DES ARTS selected Larguier as one of the 30 Creators of today. Soulages, Alechinsky and Matta were among the other chosen artists.

From 1977 to 1979 Larguier exhibited his works in PARIS (Centre Georges Pompidou and Fiac), in BOGOTA (Alliance Française), MONTRÉAL (Eaton Gallery), TOURS (Davidson Gallery), METZ (École des Beaux Arts), PÉROUGES (Maison des Princes) as well as the Strafor Foundation. Larguier also collected awards: Prix du Salon d’Automne, Prix International Paul AUBE and the Grand prix de Biarritz.

He also participated in various artistic events such as Living Art in Paris, the Museum of the Future, Leading Artists of Today, as well as the Great & Young of Today Salon in PARIS (the latter until 1986).

During the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Larguier’s works about sports were shown at the Gérard Laubie Gallery, in PARIS. That same year, he received the JEANNE GATINEAU award, dedicated to the theme “WOMAN”. Within the context of “The evolution Pierre Cardin,” Larguier took part in the itinerant exhibit “EUROPEAN TRENDS IN MODERN ART ” in PARIS, BRUSSELS and NEW YORK

From 1981 to 1983, Larguier had several artistic appointments. He exhibited his paintings at the Palais des Congrès of MONTE CARLO, the IA ORANA Gallery in Dilbeek, Belgium, the BREST Biennial, the MADRID Biennial, the Schemes Gallery in LILLE, France, the Carlier Gallery in LE TOUQUET and Espace 3 in TROYES. He also took part in the exhibits “Art & Fashion” at the ESPACE CARDIN, “From Marathon to Football” at the NATIONAL CENTRE OF CONTEMPORARY ART of PARIS, “GOAL” at the House of Culture of MULHOUSE, “Of Painters and Sports” at the “Fête de l’Humanité” in LA COURNEUVE, “Art and Danse” at the VENDOME CHÂTEAU, “Art and Sport” at the ÉCHIROLLES museum. Moreover, the VALEO company chose Larguier to decorate its stall for the “The 24 hours of Le Mans” famous automobile race.

Throughout 1984, 1985 and 1986, his works were shown from SCHEVENINGEN (Holland) and BORDEAUX ( Galerie de France), to PARIS (Valmay Gallery); from BARCELONA (Spain) to the Saint-Jacques chapel in VENDÔME, then in BAUX-DE-PROVENCE, DEAUVILLE and at the City Hall of NANCY. The SAINT-PAUL-DE-VENCE museum paid homage to Larguier’s “twenty years of career”

In 1987, Larguier was nominated General Secretary of the Cultural Commission of French Football. He instilled cultural life into the National League until 1991. Among some successful projects, Larguier created for the French Football Federation the MICHEL PLATINI award as well as two international exhibits, “FOOTBALL BARES ITS COLOUR” and “FOOTBALL IN COLOURS”.

Larguier’s functions did not hinder the continuity of his artistic career. During these years, he showed his paintings at the prestigious Jean Pierre Joubert Gallery of Matignon Avenue in PARIS , then in CAEN (Beaupré Gallery), MONACO, COURCHEVEL, BRUSSELS, ANNECY (Bonlieu Centre) and NEW YORK. He was also invited to show his art at the Stanislas Castle in COMMERCY and at the Nettis Gallery in LE TOUQUET, also in France.

In 1992 Larguier was the guest of honour at the Salon “ART & SPORT “ in PARIS, an exhibition that was next shown in NANTES, NANCY and La BAULE, France. Finally, the Notices Gallery of Singapore welcomed his paintings.

The following year (1993), the Jonathan Nattis Gallery of HONG KONG introduced Larguier’s art to the Southeast Asian public. An exhibit at the Sultanate of BRUNEI immediately followed during which the Royal Family bought about ten paintings. That year, there were two more exhibits, at the Sandy Carlson Gallery in DENVER, and at the ISTO, MUNICH (Germany).

From 1994 to 1997, besides some Parisian exhibitions (Alias Gallery, V.I.AS., Espace Cardin, Salons de Mars), Larguier discovered Italy, where he showed his work at the Astrolabio Gallery, MESSINA. He then went back to Japan (OSAKA), as well as Switzerland: GSTAAD (during the POLO SILVER CUP) and ZÜRICH (SPIEDEL Gallery).

In 1998, the French Committee of the World Cup of Football invited Larguier to the Media International Centre to paint the WORLD CUP. From this experience arose a mobile exhibit of about thirty canvases. It was inaugurated during the “Days of Patrimony” at the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, in Paris, where a reception for the football teams of France and Cameroon on October 20, 2000, took place.

In 1999, the Roman Arenas of the city of ARLES commissioned Larguier to paint a large canvas for the farewell to Marie SARA, using the same technique as for the Mondial. That same year, the Department of PARKS & GARDENS of the City of PARIS commissioned Larguier a set of paintings under the theme “Gardens” which were shown in a greenhouse chapel, Porte d’Auteuil, in PARIS, on the occasion of the exhibit “PLAM TREES BETWEEN SUN AND SHADOW”. This would result, in May/June of 2000, in an exhibition at the CHATEAU DU GRAND JARDIN in JOINVILLE-EN-VALLAGE (France), organized by the General Council of Haute Marne department and the President of the Council for Architecture, Urbanization and Environment. In this exhibit, a few canvases and two AFTER THE STORM COMES SPRING “installations” also refer to the forests decimated by the storm of December 1999.

The European Symposium of Psychoanalysis also commissioned Larguier to paint ten canvases around the theme “Freudian Dream” which were shown at the Saint-Germain des Prés Auditorium, Paris. For its METROPOLIS broadcast, the European television network ARTE chose Larguier’s work to illustrate its documentary “Du Rêve à l’Oeuvre d’Abraham SEGAL”.

Next, Larguier was present in an exhibition organized by the UNESCO Museum in Beirut (Lebanon). In 2001 and 2002, he decorated the French Rugby Federation’s official villages during the SIX NATIONS TOURNAMENTS. In January 2002, he decorated the Official Village for the show given by the CADRE NOIR DE SAUMUR at the POPB of PARIS-BERCY. He also participated in the Exhibition on Tennis during the French Open at ROLAND GARROS in 2002 as well as the Exhibition “Sports in Contemporary Art” of the Luxembourg State Bank, for which he created some ten works.

In 2003 and 2004, Gérard LARGUIER took part in many exhibitions in Italy at, among other venues, the MURLO Museum, the National Library of FLORENCE, the Accademia d’Arte of MONTECATINI, etc. The themes were “BACCHUS” and “HOMAGE TO MAGNELLI”. These exhibitions were also shown in France at the “ESPACE BATEAU LAVOIR” in PARIS and at the Museum of CLUJ in Romania.

In November and December 2004 at the Trait d’Union Gallery in NEUFCHÂTEAU, France, Larguier’s exhibition touched on a wide range of themes such as “CROWDS”, “PALIMPSESTS”, “CHRONICLE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY” and “REVISITED MASTERPIECES”, which were developed for his forthcoming exhibitions

From January to August 2005, Larguier was the Resident Artist in NEUFCHÂTEAU where he worked on the theme “PORTRAITS IN THE CITY”, a labyrinth where past and present of the city intermingled. This residence gave birth to an exhibition from July 3rd to September 30th 2005 at “LE TRAIT D’UNION”.

At the same time, from July 4 to September 4, an exhibition was held at the “Château Stanislas” in COMMERCY (France), called “GÉRARD LARGUIER – FROM 1965 TO 2005” displaying 40 years of the artist’s work.

From February 2 to 24 of 2006, at the Jacques Brel Cultural Centre in THIONVILLE, a personal exhibition took place on the themes “PARKS & GARDENS”, “CROWDS” and “REVISITED MASTERPIECES”.

Also in 2006, a solo exhibition, first in PARIS (Espace Bateau Lavoir), then at the Museum of the Horse of GONDRECOURT-LE-CHATEAU as well as at the Casino of BOURBONNE-LES-BAINS on an equestrian theme.

March of 2007 saw another exhibition at the Espace Bateau Lavoir in PARIS followed by his participation to the ART-METZ Salon in April.

In October of that same year, and selected by the members of the Jury, he participated in METZ to “Art in the Streets” (Commerc’ART) organized by Agence 109 from Paris.

In November/December 2007, he was the guest of honour of the Artists from Lorraine in NANCY.

In January/February of 2008, yet another solo exhibition of the Artist and based on the theme Memories took place at the House of the Meuse departement (BAR LE DUC). Its centerpiece was a “War and Peace” triptych, recently integrated into the collections of the departement and installed in the major TGV Meuse railroad station.

From February to May of 2008, the artist created a fresco commissioned by the ANDRA national agency and devoted to the Environmental memory surrounding its Laboratory of Bure for its reception hall. From the inauguration of the work in June of 2008 and all summer long, a personal exhibition was held in the Public Reception Building of the Laboratory.

JUNE 11, 2008


Installation of a “GUERRE & PAIX” (WAR AND PEACE) fresco from the artist. Will be reported on FR3 TV (see link below the artist’s photo)

From June 6 to August 30 2008, the National Museum of BOURBONNE-LES-BAINS held yet another personal exhibition of “Parks & Gardens” and “Masterpieces revisited”.

Still in 2008, he took part – within the framework of the Atelier ART CORPUS – in the Open Door Days of MONTREUIL and in the “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” exhibition at the Espace JEMMAPES of Paris.

The list of projects and realizations for 2009/2010 is non exhaustive and includes the decoration of the Archives of AREVA in Houdelaincourt (Meuse), the artist’s participation to the AUTUMN SALON OF LUNEVILLE as one of the “Great Signatures” and a personal exhibition at the HOUSE OF CULTURE AND LEISURE of Metz (Moselle) from November 2009 to January 2010 on the theme of “MEMORIES & AUTO-DA-FE”.

Command from the CHARLES DE GAULLE MEMORIAL in COLOMBEY-LES-DEUX-EGLISES for a work about the Franco-German Reconciliation


November 2010, decoration of the Archives of AREVA, a work of 1,600 m2 (ca. 17,200 sq. ft.) realized by the artist on the theme of greenhouses in collaboration with the Art on Wall team.



He takes part in an auction for the benefit of the food bank of Paris and the Ile de France region


EMOI ET MOI (EMOTION AND ME – homophonic play on words)



In the year 2010, he realizes a 2.40 meters by 10 meters (8 feet by 33 feet) fresco for the township of SOULAINES DHUYS in the Aube department, which chronicles the daily life in a market town from the XVIIth century until now.

2010 – 2011

Artistic workshop organized throughout the school year for the benefit of the students of the Charles de Gaulle high school in the framework of the Franco-German friendship – Realization by the artist of a work for the City Hall of Chaumont.



Revue de psychanalyse « du féminin » No. 36 – La Rumeur Libre Edition

“Femmes entre les lignes” (Women between lines) pages 49/50 by Gérard LARGUIER



No. 703 – November 4, 2012

Color reporting by Pascal NAJEAN

GERARD LARGUIER in his Parisian workshop of the BATEAU LAVOIR

Cover and pages 8-9


July to September




March 22 to 25

Guest of honor at the ANTIQUE DEALERS AND CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW – where the artist presents some twenty of his “Masterpieces revisited” works.

June 6 – July 11


During this event, he presents to the MEUSE DEPARTMENTAL ARCHIVES in BAR-LE-DUC some ten of his works about sports, including “LA VIE EN BLEU” (Life in Blue) symbolizing the victory of the French Team at the 1998 World Cup.

November 8 – December 1

Personal exhibit named “PARCOURS…” (PATHS) at DOUERA – NANCY/MALZEVILLE in which he develops some of his favorite themes: AUTODAFES, TEARINGS, FOREST, EROTISM AND MEMORY

September 2013 – Summer 2014


Artist’s residency based on the theme 14/18 with the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION and the GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE MEUSE DEPARTMENT;

Involves the students of ages 12 to 15 from the high schools of the cities of VERDUN – STENAY – SAINT-MIHIEL & BAR-LE-DUC.

Residency having received the seal of approval from the Mission of the Centenary, a national public interest association